Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Our guiding principles are simple: we don't collect anything we don't need, and we never share anything we collect.

Our promise

What we collect

With an app like Seasonality, which depends on showing data from online sources, some data collection is unavoidable. However, we spend a lot of time making sure all data remains anonymous as much as possible. Here is what we can see when you use Seasonality:

When you open Seasonality, weather data is fetched from our servers. This data includes forecasts, current conditions, past conditions, radar/satellite imagery, and other weather data. When Seasonality requests data, the web server being contacted will log your internet address and a "user agent" that includes the version of Seasonality you are running, the type of device you are running it on, and the version of iOS you are using. This data is in no way tied to your personal identity, and is only recorded because the web server includes it as a tool to help fix problems that may occur. Additionally, the server will record locations where weather data (such as forecasts) are requested. To make sure location data remains anonymous, it is recorded separately from the logs mentioned above. Server logs are never shared or even viewed unless there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

When you access the help pages, the same internet address and user agent information mentioned above is captured by the web server.

What others may collect

Some data, such as data for Particle Mode and forecasts for locations within the United States, are retrieved from servers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). While accessing this data, their privacy policy is in effect. Gaucho Software is in no way affiliated with NOAA, and there is no exchange of data between us.