Seasonality TV

Explore the weather, from your couch

Seasonality TV brings the same detailed weather data from the rest of the Seasonality family right to your TV. Explore the weather from your couch, on your own terms.

Seasonality TV offers a variety of weather data including current conditions with a cloud profile, astronomical information, a 6 day forecast, and an extensive collection of map data.

Data is available for 67,000 locations worldwide, and several maps are included such as a new temperature map with weather fronts.

Of course as a product in the Seasonality family, Seasonality TV includes a map with Particle Mode consisting of thousands of animated particles showing the wind as it whirls around the globe. Particle Mode looks simply amazing on a TV-sized display.

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Available from the App Store

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Credit to Joseph Wain for his Glyphish Icons and to Rasso Hilber for his Nonverblaster Flash Player.